November 2022 Portfolio Update


The Bull is back! At least in the short term, November was a solid month overall for the market and my portfolio was up 9.2% for the month. I’m back in positive territory for the 2022 calendar year with one month remaining. I have some position adjustments I want to take care of before the end of the year and will also do some tax loss harvesting, but I’ll discuss that next month.


Dividend Income

For November I was paid $182.10 in dividends from 9 companies with Verizon ( VZ ) being the largest payout.

  • AAPL $2.30
  • ABBV $14.10
  • AOS $11.10
  • O $10
  • PG $13.70
  • STAG $6.35
  • T $28.23
  • TXN $29.76
  • VZ $66.56


Monthly Purchases

I make weekly purchases into my after tax portfolio and this month I added to these positions:

  • APPL 1 share
  • BEN 8 shares
  • TXN 1 share
  • MSFT 1 share
  • V 1 share

Total investment of $964.53 adding $19.68 in forward dividend payments.


Dividend Increases

In November I has two positions announce increases. Totaling $21.12 in increased forward payments, so from doing nothing but holding my current positions I actually increased my future payments at a higher rate than with the new money added to the account. My projected 2023 Dividend payout stands at $4555.27

  • AFL 5% increase
  • SNA 14% increase


Non Dividend

I continue to add to GOOG with another 4 shares during the month at a total cost of $379.56 or $94.89 a share. I’m up to 39 shares and counting.


Options Income

Currently have three positions that I’m waiting for a bounce back before I write covered calls above my purchase price. I don’t want to run the risk of being assigned at a loss, so I will hold tight and wait. For November I had $22 in options income. I expect my options trading to start up again in the new year.


The year is quickly coming to an end as the holidays approach remember to enjoy the time with family and friends.

How did the month of November treat your investments? share your thoughts in the comment area below.

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