January 2023 Portfolio Update

I can’t believe the first month of 2023 is in the rearview mirror. That went by rather quick and it seems the older you get the faster the days go by. This year the market is starting in the exact opposite of 2022, where last year it went into a straight decline so far 2023 has been good. Even with some mixed earnings reports things seem to be settling down and the FED will most likely begin to taper off the higher rate hikes as inflation comes under control.

As noted last month to close out the year I moved my REIT positions into my Roth accounts. With REIT’s dividends being taxed at ordinary income, the Roth account will shelter the tax liability. I know it doesn’t generate a massive tax bill now, but you have to think of what it could be in 10, 20 or 30 years from now. With that said, I will lump all three of my accounts into my reports. This has been made easier with the new spreadsheet that I created with some help from my brother. Link available in my resources tab.

Dividends Received




This month the portfolio generated $261.18 from 9 holdings with the largest payout coming from Kimberly Clark. Along with my first payout from new position in Medtronic.


Going into my 2nd full year of a dividend focused portfolio, I can start to compare results with previous years. I had a slight drop of 4% compared to 2022, but this is all from moving some positions around as was expected all in all I’m content with the progress and expect to see the numbers climb from here on forward barring a dividend cut from any of my holdings.



Monthly Purchases

I continue with my weekly investments and this month I added to these positions:

1 Share of KR
4 Shares of  AOS
1 Share of JNJ
1 Share of TXN
1 Share of MSFT
2 Shares of MDT
1 Share of UNP

Total investment of $1212.81 adding $28.68 in forward dividend payments.

When I closed my VZ position for TLH I was intending to go back in after the wait period, but decided to use the funds for a new position. I already hold other communication services and although they pay a nice dividend the increases tend to be low. I used the funds to start a position in UPS, what can brown do for you? Well they can pay you a nice 3.34% dividend.


Dividend Increases

January was a slow month for increases, one lonely position announced an increase. Kimberly Clark bumped up their dividend by 1.72% or a $0.02 increase marking the 2nd consecutive year of sub 2% increases. We would all like nice juicy increases but you take what they give you and an increase will always trump the dreaded cut.

This increase brings in an additional $4.08 in PADI.


Non Dividend

The weekly GOOG investment also continues with another 5 shares during the month at a total cost of $470.31 I’m up to 48 shares and this position is approaching my top 10 holdings. My first goal was to reach 50 shares which is 2 weeks away, after that I will evaluate whether or not I will continue or allocate the weekly funds towards a different position.


Options Income

New year and new beginnings for my Options trading. Funded my Roth for the year with $6500 limit along with my Mega backdoor from my 401K for 2022 I now have a nice cash position to write some Cash Secured Puts and start the wheel strategy. You can trade options with most accounts but for tax reasons a Roth is a great vehicle for options. Of coarse the biggest drawback is you can’t claim any loses, but unlike the apes of wallstreetbets I’m not looking to get rich quick and options trading if done correctly can generate a decent return.

For January I was able to generate $642 in options income and I invested that into:

1 Share of TGT
1 Share of LOW
2 Shares of O

Which brings in an additional $14.48 in PADI

Wrapping it up!

With this monthly investments we added a total of $59.61 to future dividends and my projected PADI stands at $5179.71 or $431 a month.


How has the new year started for your investments? share your thoughts in the comment area below.

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