March 2023 Portfolio Update

March went out with a bang as the market finished up the quarter with a nice rally. The S&P is up over 7% to start the year, looks like investors are unfazed with the all the economic turmoil. Best part of dividend investing, doesn’t matter if the headlines are good news or bad news those dividend payments just keep coming in.

Dividends Received




The last month of the quarter is my work horse as a majority of my holdings payout and if you hold ETF’s they always have an end of quarter payout schedule. This month the portfolio generated $920.08 from 28 holdings with the largest payout coming from Schawb ETF SCHD.


The chart below shows my progression, March ’23 was $40 shy of my all time month. My overall first quarter numbers are great, posting a 29% YoY increase. It really shows what continued investing along with dividend increases can do. The snowball is gaining momentum!



Monthly Purchases

I continue with my weekly investments and this month I added to these positions:

1 Shares of ABT
3 Shares of JNJ
1 Shares of BAM
2 Shares of UNP
3 Shares of SCHD

Total investment of $1193.65 adding $34.96 in forward dividend payments.

I also maxed out the wife’s Roth for the year and used those funds to buy:

100 Shares of CUBE
34 Shares of TD

CUBE is a REIT in the storage industry and TD is none other than TD Bank out of Canada. I prefer to hold REIT’s and non US stocks in our Roth accounts for tax purposes.

These purchases bring an additional $291.20 of PADI.


Dividend Increases

March was a slow month for increases, just a single increase by the “monthly dividend paying” company O Realty Income.


Options Income

For March I generated $635.73 in options premiums and I invested that into:

8 Shares of O

Which brings in an additional $24.48 in PADI.

A majority of the premiums were collected from cash secured puts against Nike (NKE). For the quarter I have collected $1698, boosting my overall returns and allowing me to pick up more shares of my dividend paying holdings.


Wrapping it up!

This month was a bit out of the ordinary due to maxing out the Roth and future months the PADI numbers revert to the norm. We increased PADI by $366.88 a 7% increase from the previous month. My projected PADI stands at $5599.87 or $466 a month. I’m shooting for $6,000 by years end.


How your investments done so far in 2023? share your thoughts in the comment area below.

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