October 3rd 2022 Stock Purchases

New month has begun and my weekly investment into my portfolio continues. Getting into a good habit be it financial, health, work related will lead to good things. As for financial habits set some goals and make regular contributions, be it weekly or monthly just get the ball rolling.

There is no time like the present to add money into the market. After starting my after tax portfolio with a lump sum, I have been making additional purchases on a weekly basis. Approximately $250 of fresh capital is deployed each week into my current positions, I keep a list of which positions currently offer an attractive price and as long as I’m not overweight (up to 5%) on that positions I will add to it. Let’s move on to the reason you clicked on this article.

This weeks additions are:

2 share of Proctor & Gamble (PG) @ $127.34

1 share of Google (GOOG) @ $97.38

This week I invested $254.69 into my dividend portfolio and increased my forward dividend income by $7.30 or a 2.86% return. This is the first time I have added to this position since my initial purchase. You can view my portfolio holdings here.



Proctor & Gamble is a consumer goods giant specializing in a wide range of personal care and hygiene products. Your house is probably stocked with their products and you might not even know it. They have a large portfolio of brands under the P&G name, check these everyday names. They are a dividend aristocrat with 66 years a dividend growth and have paid a dividend for 132 years. Being a mature company this is a steady earner for any dividend oriented portfolio. Both 5 and 10 year CAGR are just north of 5% and currently has a 2.8% yield and a 63% payout ratio.


Keep investing!

Do you own either of these? Planning to add to your portfolio? share your purchases in the comments.

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